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Top 10 Travel Tips

Our best tips for travelling whether for business or pleasure.

  1. Make a list
    Plan ahead by making a list of the types of activities you will be doing, places and restaurants you will be visiting. This enables you to create a list of the items you will need to pack to make sure you’re not caught out later on. It also helps give your trip a bit of structure,so you know when your camera battery needs to be fully charged.
  2. Make photocopies of important documents
    The worry of losing important documents when abroad is always an added stress. To help relieve the stress, it is wise to keep a separate copy with you. It is important to note, you need to keep the copies in a separate bag / location or have someone else you are travelling with carry them so if you lose one set you don’t lose both.
  3. Take an extra battery
    Taking a spare battery or battery pack means you won’t get to the Grand Canyon and realise your camera is dead. It’s also worth having a spare phone charger so if one gets forgotten in a hotel your not then without a phone.
  1. Role your clothes to save space
    When packing your clothes, roll your clothes to save space and reduce creasing. It’s a game changer, trust us.
  1. Use zip lock bags
    Pack all your toiletries in zip lock bags so any spills won’t ruin everything else in your suitcase. It’s also worth purchasing travel size containers or products, as it not only saves on space but also on weight.
  2. Do your research
    Researching places to stay, eat and sightsee are worth checking out in advance as you may find some are closed at certain times of the year but it’s also worth talking to locals to find the best places. Research goes both ways; you should also check out where you should be avoiding.
  3. Always buy travel insurance
    You never know when you will have an emergency medical need, so being prepared can help ensure you are able to get any care required and potentially save you thousands!
  4. Be aware of free public WIFI
    If you’re out and about and are using a free public WIFI, be cautious of what you do on your phone. Public WIFIs are prone to hacking which can make your phone and anything you do on your phone at risk of ill-intention. Make sure to stay clear of any online banking when using a free public WIFI.
  5. Download offline maps
    Download offline maps and any other important information or documents so that if you’re travelling to somewhere more remote and may not have access to the internet you don’t get caught out.
  1. Know the lingo
    Learn some common phrases in the local dialect so you can interact with locals but also ask for directions or communicate in an emergency. A simple ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ can also go a long way.

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