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How To Pack Light For Travel This Winter

Travelling to cold destinations can be tricky, with more bulkier items your suitcase fills up
before you’ve even added your toiletries or accessories. Trying to stick to a weight limit can
seem nigh on impossible. However, although packing for colder destinations can be trickier
than packing for a beach holiday, we’re here to tell you all the tips, tricks and know-how’s.

Know Your Itinerary

The first thing to consider before you even start packing is your itinerary. The key to packing light is knowing what you’ll be doing, when and how often. Packing for a predominantly outdoor, activity based holiday is very different to packing for an indoor, conference based holiday.


Wearing layers helps you to stay warm, but it also means you can pack smaller, lightweight

Having options of what to wear also means you can layer up on the extra cold days, but
have lighter options available for warmer days or when activities mean you will be warmer

It is also much easier to wash base layers than large jumpers.

Wear Your Bulk

Your bulkiest items are going to be thick jumpers, outer puffa jackets, boots and scarves.
Wear these items to travel. It saves a massive amount of space in your suitcase or carry on
whilst also leaving more space for other items.

7 Days

It doesn’t matter how long you are travelling for, you will very rarely ever need to pack for
more than a week. If you are travelling for 10 days, 14 days or 3 months, you won’t need
more than one week’s worth of clothing. Why? Because you can do washing. Most hotels
provide a laundry service you can use, alternatively you can use a local laundrette, do it
yourself if your accommodation has a washing machine, great. If not, use a sink and wash
clothing by hand.

Packing Cubes

How you pack is as important as what you pack. Making your luggage fit into as small a
space as possible allows you to fit as much in as possible – although, it is important to weigh as you go so you don’t go over any luggage weight limits. Using packing cubes helps
organise your things whilst also making it easy to save space. Rolling your clothes also
makes them as small as possible and makes them into slightly more uniform shapes making it easier to pack and stack items in your luggage. Rolling items, adding them into your packing cubes and then sucking the excess air out is the ultimate space saving hack.

Similarly, use packing cubes to divide your items. Having your toiletries in one packing cube means you know where everything is, but also reduces the chance of shampoo bursting and covering all of your clothes.

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