Sunday, July 14, 2024

Welcome to easyWay

Everyone loves to explore. Our planet is fascinating and here at easyWay, we love opening the door to new adventures for you, your family, friends and so much more.

Our goal is to help inspire your next adventure, so why not book your next stay via easy. Choose from millions of homes, hotels and other properties all over the world, powered by industry leader to ensure you get the best deals.

When easyGroup, owner of the easy family of brands started work on easyJet many years ago in 1994, the appetite for travel was already very well established but over time, we saw how many of you had the travel bug.

People wanted to know more about the world and experience different countries and cultures & we loved being the vehicle that connected you.

Today, we love opening that door and we encourage you to take a trip. Whether it’s a romantic weekend get-away in Paris, a trip to the Lake District to fully recharge your batteries, whether you’re off to Dublin for a wedding celebration /stag with your friends or maybe you just wanted to jump onto a train and see different part of Europe? Travel broadens the mind and refreshes the soul.

One handy tip is to always do your research, before you book. You can learn so much valuable information from our handy guides. You could also look at what other travellers have said and set your expectations accordingly. Learn how to travel on a budget and you can even get the best tips & tricks on how to get an upgrade on your flight, hotel or cruise cabin.


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